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Private Medical Cover


Private Medical Cover (PMI) is where you can insure you and your family to receive Private Medical treatment in the event of requiring further medical treatment after having consulted your GP for initial consultation.

There are different levels of cover that you can consider and each provider will use their own terminology for these plans. The cover offered will differ from each provider and split into Inpatient Care, Outpatient Care and Other Care.

Inpatient Care would cover costs such as hospital charges, consultation fees, diagnostic tests, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Outpatient Care would cover costs such as consultations, MRI, CT and PET scans, other diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Other Care would cover alternative therapies, maternity cash benefit, nursing at home, private ambulance, parental accommodation and NHS cash benefit.

What does your plan typically not cover?

Any non UK treatment, emergency treatment or visits to your GP, pregnancy or childbirth, self inflicted injuries, cosmetic surgery, organ transplants, any day to day management of chronic conditions, medication and dressings, fertility, infertility and menopause related treatment, experimental or unproven and unregistered treatment, routine dentistry, refractive eye surgery and treatment related to development problems, learning difficulties or delayed speech disorders.

Once again this is a type of policy that may be available from your employer so please ensure you look at your employers hand book in the first instance to see what cover you have available to you.

Many Private Medical providers are now offering schemes where you can be rewarded for good health in the form of vitality points. For example Pru Health will reduce your gym membership fee if you use your gym on a regular basis (please not this is with a gym linked to Pru Health and therefore this does not apply to all gyms).

Private Medical Insurance allows you to avoid the lengthy queues under the NHS, so if you don’t have this type of cover and your employer does not offer it, this is an excellent way to insure you and your family.

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