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Income Protection

Whether you are employed or self employed you should consider protecting your income ensuring you will be able to survive the day to day costs of living in the event you are unable to work due to an accident or illness for a long period of time.

Many employers provide such cover so you should check to see what cover you have at work first of all. Often the cover is more a token than a competitive policy, but this could help reduce the cost of the policy you need in place to ensure you are covered fully.

This type of cover will provide you with a monthly amount, usually 50% of your salary but tax free, after a deferred period (you determine this eg. 13 weeks) and to a selected retirement age. The benefit is paid to you until you return to work or the retirement age of the policy.

The policy can be indexed so that the cover goes up in line with inflation, to take advantage of this the premiums similarly will increase in line with inflation.

Each provider again will have slight variations in what their terms are.


Protection, Bentley Holmes, Independent Financial AdviceProtection, Bentley Holmes, Independent Financial Advice